Welcome to Arif Patel’s website.

Arif Patel currently lives in Preston and is a retired teacher and expert in tax. He loves to share his knowledge on the tax sector, so people can stay on top of the various rules and guidelines. He specialises in the UK tax sector and also US expat tax laws.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, or what industry you are in, at some point you will need to deal with taxes. A lot of people can find dealing with taxes quite difficult for a variety of reasons. UK traders need to be aware of the different rules and regulations that apply to their tax duties. Arif Patel is dedicated to providing information to businesses and individuals in the UK on how to better navigate tax law.

Common Issues People Have with Tax

The issues that people and businesses have with tax vary depending on what position they are in. Common problems consist of:

Spending Too Much on Tax

A lot of businesses struggle when it comes to paying tax because it takes too much of a chunk out of the overall funds in their bank accounts. A tax expert can assist with this because they know the relevant deductions that can be made. There will be a number of tax credits that lay people don’t know about and Arif Patel is keen on pointing them out.

Not Planning for the Future

Tax strategies do not just deal with what applies to the business in the present but also what they should do moving forward in order to stay on top of your tax obligations. A tax professional such as Arif Patel knows to not only look after current liabilities but to plan for future tax years and also consider the likes of retirement.

How Can Arif Patel Help?

Arif Patel has an extensive history working in both teaching and tax. He lives in Preston in the UK and dedicates his time as a retiree educating others about UK tax and the rules and regulations which apply to tax payers. He can also help with the likes of vat repayment claims and other aspects of tax law.

Arif Patel Experience

Working as a tax expert and a teacher for decades means that Arif Patel has the experience necessary in order to deliver information on complicated matters in a simple way.


Arif Patel worked in tax for so long because of how interesting a field he found it. The fundamentals of tax and UK tax law boil down to problem solving using various aspects of knowledge. This means being able to take a step back from a problem and approach it with an open mind and fresh eyes, looking for different perspectives in order to find a sustainable and accessible outcome.


Not only did he teach but Arif Patel travelled to lots of different places and in doing so has developed excellent communication skills. The fundamentals of the tax system can be complicated and as such, having the ability to explain them in a way which is easy to follow and understand is crucial, and something that the people he works with benefit from.

Keep Up with Arif Patel

Arif Patel lived a busy and hectic life but now in his retirement he likes walking, travelling and providing information on the UK tax system. In order to stay on top of developments in UK tax and understand the various rules, be sure to follow Arif Patel’s website.